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TEN WEEK SPRING SEMESTER: end of March to early June
We offer unlimited makeups for classes you miss! 
Tuition fees:
Pay in 2 installments at checkout OR pay entire tuition up front. It's up to you!
Mixed-age, Generations* and Babies classes: $195 plus gross receipts tax
NEW FAMILIES pay an additional one-time registration fee of $30
*Add Generations as your 2nd class per week and pay only $100 tuition for that class! Call Devi at 466-6999 to enroll.

Class Schedule (NOTE: all classes are mixed-age--newborn to 5y--unless noted otherwise):

Southside at the JAM! Space
Tuesdays: 9:30, 10:30, 11:45 (pre-crawling BABIES)
Fridays: 10am, 11am
Saturdays: 10am

The Montecito Senior Living
Thursdays: 11:15am (Generations class) 

Northside at Indigo Baby 
Wednesdays, 5pm
Thursdays, 3:30, 4:30



Music Together Generations

Just $100 plus tax if you enroll for Generations as your 2nd class per week this Winter! 
We think every family should experience Music Together Generations; it's our new favorite class!
In Generations classes, children, their important grownups and elders make Music Together. As the children’s music-learning is nurtured, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their grownups also foster new and important relationships with "Musical Grandfriends." These unique and powerful classes are also greatly enjoyed by the seniors and staff. Seniors look forward to the children's lively visits, the chance to share memories, and the sheer fun of these playful music-making experiences. The additional cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for both children and elders make the Generations class a win-win for all participants.
Pay it Forward: scholarship fund
Many of our families ask us how they can help make Music Together accessible to families coping with hardship, financial or otherwise. Our scholarship fund, the Eleri Clare Scholarship Fund, is dedicated to providing tuition assistance to families who are experiencing financial strain. Priority is given to families who have children with special needs. Our fund is managed by Partners in Education, a non-profit organization. So your donations are tax-free! When you donate, simply select "Fam Jam" from the drop down menu to ensure your donation goes to our fund. Thank you!
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With three convenient locations in Santa Fe:

JAM! Space: 4001 Office Park Drive, building 200 
Indigo Baby: in DeVargas Shopping Center
The Montecito Senior Living: 500 Rodeo Road